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 * Deva-inspired stylists


Dry Cutting Method*
A technique of cutting curls 'CurL by CurL'. The advantage of cutting curly hair dry is to work with what your hair wants to do naturally. Especially with curly hair, no two curls are the same. Shaping your locks dry will guarantee your desired overall length.

Pintura / Highlights*
A freehand form of painting 'CurL by CurL' adding dimension along with light reflecting highlights. The technique maintains the quality of your curls and provides long lasting color results.

Hair Set
A healthy cleanse followed by conditioning and detangling with a shape and style of your curls that will meet your needs.

“How to Style Daily”
A step-by-step walkthrough of how to manage your curly hair daily.






$100 - 150 *** 

(depending on length & density)

Children (ages 6 & under): $55 ***
Children (ages 7 & up): $75 & up***
Single Process Color:

$100 & up *** 

(depending on length & density)

Pintura/Highlighting (half head): $150 - $200 ***
Pintura/Highlighting (full head): $225 & up ***
Color Correction:

$250 & up ***  

(Priced upon consultation)

Hair Set: $50 & up ***
“How to Style Daily” (complete style lesson): $75 ***
Styling up-do: $125 & up ***
Base Color: $95 & up ***
Junior Stylist Color: $60 & up ***
Junior Stylist Highlights:  $100 & up ***


Add-On Services 

Spa Mist II $60 ***
Bang Trim: $45 ***
Color Gloss:

$75 & up ***

Clear Gloss

$25 ***

Rebalance Treatment:

$25 ***

Olaplex #3:

$25 ***

Heaven in Hair

$25 ***

Authentic Beauty Hydrate Essence w/ Moisturizing Boost $40 ***


** Our services include City CurL recommendations and a full demonstration on 'how to style daily', according to your natural CurL type. You deserve the best in Hydration, Product Knowledge and everyday Styling to maintain your curLs and to own the new YOU.

 *** All prices are base prices. Upon consultation, modified pricing may be required given the level of complexity in each hair style, including length and density. The adjusted price will be discussed and agreed upon with the client prior to haircut. There are no refunds for any service once commenced.